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Why use Tower Equine?

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TOWER EQUINE FERTILITY SERVICES is the breeding division of TOWER EQUINE VETS, developed by equine vet Roger Lee and run in association with Brackenspa Stud.

We are a British Equine Veterinary Association approved centre for Artificial Insemination with chilled and frozen semen.

Roger Lee is one of only a few veterinary surgeons to hold the RCVS' Certificate in Equine Stud Medicine and has many years experience in equine fertility having practiced as a dedicated stud vet both in the UK and Australia. Holly Grantham has also been with the practice since 2012 and has a particular interest in AI.


Mares for AI board at Brackenspa Stud in a purpose-built Articial Insemination centre. Over thirty acres of grass turnout is available. In addition there is limited availability at Tower Farm itself for embryo transfer mares and those that need specialised veterinary care.

We offer optional, fixed-price veterinary packages for both chilled and frozen semen. These help you to understand what your veterinary costs are likely to be. Not all mares will get in foal at the first attempt, and by having an ‘in foal fee’ we can further reduce the per cycle price. Clients are however free to opt simply to pay for each veterinary procedure individually, and pro rata prices are available on request.

In addition, Tower Equine conducts mare fertility investigations and, in conjunction with Brackenspa Stud, offers stallion AI dummy mare training and a foaling service with alarms, cameras and a highly experienced around the clock team.