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TOWER EQUINE offer clients free veterinary visits on two days of the week. The map below shows which areas are covered (left double click twice to enlarge/display villages): NB FROM JANUARY 2016 OUR MONDAY FREE VISIT AREA HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO COVER KIRTON, HOLBEACH AND MOULTON AREAS - PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE TO CHECK IF YOU FALL IN TO THE NEW MONDAY FREE VISIT AREA.



To book your free visit phone the office on 01778 591082

Full Terms and Conditions are listed under the "Free Vet Visits" tab above



Q. How do I qualify for a free visit?

Simply ring the practice office at least two working days in advance and during office hours. If your horse is kept in the Thursday visit area for example, this means by 5pm on the Tuesday before. And that's it! It isn't possible to request a specific vet or time, but on the morning of the free visit you will be called to say when a vet will be with you.*

Q. Why are Tower Equine offering free visits?

A similar scheme has been launched by a vet practice near Huntingdon, covering an area almost 70 miles in diameter. We are matching their free visit scheme on the same days, but over a much smaller area, an area to which we can still provide a swift 24 hour emergency service. We know that horses are expensive to keep but we do not want our clients to have to choose between saving money or staying local. With Tower Equine you can do both.

Q. Will I pay more in other charges?

No. Examination charges, drugs and vaccinations will all stay the same competitive price. Grouping the visits within an area will allow our vets to work more efficiently and drive fewer miles.

If you would like more information on the free visit scheme or are unsure if you are eligible, please call the Tower Equine office on 01778 591082