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Embryo Transfer

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TOWER EQUINE continue to offer a popular transported embryo transfer service.

Mares for embryo transfer will come to the AI Centre for insemination, embryo flushing and searching. Standard insemination package and keep charges apply together with an additional charge for the embryo flush and search.

If an embryo is recovered, it will be couriered same day to Twemlows Embryo Transfer Centre in Shropshire. This will be co-ordinated between Tower Equine and Twemlows. Meanwhile, Twemlows will have synchronised two recipient mares (in case of a twin embryo flush). Twemlows' provision of recipient mares means that clients are saved the need to source and buy their own recipients.

On receipt, the embryo will be transferred to the recipient who can then either remain at Twemlows for pregnancy scanning or return to Tower Equine when the scan falls due.