Free Visit Terms and Conditions 2021

Free visits enable our vets to work more efficiently and drive fewer miles, so enabling us to come to you without the usual call out fee. However there are Terms and Conditions associated with the free visits, as unfortunately it is not viable for us to come out under the free visit scheme for all veterinary work:

  • Free visits are available in the green highlighted area on a Monday (East of the A1) and Thursday (West of the A1).
  • Free visits must be booked during office hours at least two working days in advance. This means by 5pm on the preceding Thursday for a Monday visit, and by 5pm on the preceding Tuesday for a Thursday visit.
  • Free visits are for routine work such as vaccinations, teeth and initial examinations. Vettings, extended work ups including nerve blocks and radiography, tendon scans, repeat examinations, scoping and surgery including castrations are not included in the scheme.
  • Reproductive scanning is not included in the scheme. If done in conjunction with procedures that are included in the scheme, a half price visit fee will be charged.
  • Sedations for either farrier or dentist are only possible where timing is flexible. Precise visit times cannot be given.
  • Clients will be allocated an approximate visit time on the morning of the free visit.
  • Out of hours visits and emergency calls will incur the usual out of hours visit charges.
  • Public holidays are not included.
  • Free visits must be cancelled by 5pm the previous day. A £10 cancellation fee will be charged for all free visits cancelled on the day and a full visit fee if the vet has a wasted journey to the yard.
  • Visits for single vaccinations may still be booked under the terms and conditions of the free visit scheme but will incur a visit charge of £15 including VAT. This is still a considerable reduction on a normal visit fee. If there is more than one vaccination or other routine work to be done then the full free visit will still apply.
  • Invoices for work carried out under the free visit scheme will be emailed. Please ensure that you provide the office with a valid email address.
  • Tower Equine reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this offer at any time.