Optional Set Price Veterinary Packages for Artificial Insemination 2024

  1. Artificial Insemination with chilled semen - £200 plus vat per cycle (plus in foal fee*)
  2. Artificial Insemination with frozen semen - £300 plus vat per cycle (plus in foal fee*)

These set price packages are for veterinary work carried out on in-season mares at Brackenspa Stud or Tower Farm only. Prices include:

  • All ultrasound examinations
  • Endometrial swabs if required
  • Insemination
  • Assessment of semen motility
  • All drugs to ensure insemination is performed at the optimum time
  • Post-ovulation examination
  • A single post-ovulation uterine treatment if required
  • Ultrasound pregnancy examination at 15 or 16 days
  • Heartbeat scan at 28-30 days (provided both of these scans are performed at the Insemination Centre.

The packages do not include clitoral swabs, strangles serology, prostaglandin, regumate, treatment for persistent endometritis requiring lavage, twinning, caslick operations, foaling and foaling associated problems and treatment of any illness or injury to the mare or foal.

The packages operate when mares are in season. Initial breeding examinations and PG injections for dioestrus mares are not included.

*In Foal Fee

An additional one-off fee of £160 plus vat will be charged for all mares that leave scanned in foal to chilled or frozen semen.

This fee allows us to keep our ‘per cycle’ costs significantly lower than they otherwise would be. Clients only pay the fee if we successfully get your mare in foal, so it saves you money too. This is because it may take two or even three cycles to get a mare in foal, and with a high ‘per cycle’ cost, vet’s bills rise rapidly. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay this fee.

**Keep Fees

Keep fees and additional livery charges are not included in the package prices and will be charged separately.


Mare Health

CEM - All mares covered naturally in 2022 or 2023 must have a negative swab for CEM (contagious equine metritis) taken after 1 January 2024. This may be taken before arrival or at the AI centre.

EVA - All mares imported from abroad must have a negative blood test for EVA (equine viral arteritis) before arrival. Mares that have not left the UK do not require testing, although we reserve the right to request testing where we feel it is appropriate.

Passports – All mares should travel with their passport, which will be retained at the stud during boarding. Up to date flu and tetanus vaccination is advisable.

Worming – Mares and foals will be wormed according to the stud worming programme.

Farrier – All mares should have their back shoes removed before arriving at the stud. Mares and foals feet will be trimmed as necessary and owners charged accordingly.

Veterinary Treatment

Pregnancy Scanning – All mares should have a first pregnancy scan around the fourteenth to seventeenth day following insemination. This time interval is important to allow a greater success in twin reduction should two pregnancies be identified. A second scan to confirm pregnancy, obtain a heartbeat and recheck for twins is strongly advised. This should be performed approximately two weeks after the first.

In Foal Fee – An in foal fee of £160 plus vat is payable on all mares leaving Brackenspa Stud or Tower Farm in foal to chilled or frozen semen. If a mare leaves without a pregnancy scan she will be assumed to be in foal and the fee will be charged. If she is subsequently found to be not in foal before 1st October 2024 and this is confirmed by a vet’s certificate, the fee will be returned.

Veterinary Treatment – Tower Equine Veterinary Surgeons reserves the right to provide any veterinary treatment they consider necessary for the welfare of mare and foal and to charge owners accordingly. In the event of an emergency we will attempt to contact the owner prior to treatment, but if this is not possible we will administer the treatment we consider most appropriate.

Payment – Veterinary fees for all fixed price packages are payable per cycle in advance.

Please call us on 01778 591082 to make payment

Alternatively, payment can be accepted by bank transfer with cleared funds prior arrival at stud:

Tower Equine Ltd A/C No 73743950 Sort Code 20-34-60

Any fees for additional veterinary treatment not covered by the fixed price packages including the in foal fee are payable to Tower Equine before the mare leaves Brackenspa Stud or Tower Farm. All keep fees any additional livery charges are payable separately to Brackenspa Stud or to Tower Farm, at the same time. Mares will not be allowed to leave before payment is made in full. VAT is charged on all accounts.

Age Restriction – The fixed price veterinary packages are not available to mares aged 16 years and over. Mares of this age are accepted for insemination but standard stud charges will apply.


All mares are at Brackenspa Stud and at Tower Farm at their owner’s risk, and whilst every veterinary care will be taken Tower Equine is not liable for any damage, injury or illness to mare or foal. Tower Equine accepts no responsibility for visiting horses and does not provide insurance cover for them during their stay either at Brackenspa Stud or at Tower Farm. It is the individual responsibility of the owner to have their own comprehensive insurance cover.

All mares are inseminated at the owner’s risk, and Tower Equine does not accept any liability for injury or damage to any mare howsoever caused.

All Frozen semen stored by Tower Equine is stored at the owner’s risk and no liability is accepted for any damage or loss of semen. Whilst every effort will be made to coordinate the correct ordering and delivery of chilled semen, Tower Equine accepts no responsibility for failure of availability or arrival of semen.


Tower Equine reserves the right to terminate this agreement if we believe or have reason to believe that:
-    it would not be in the welfare interest of the mare to continue
-    the mare or foal poses an unacceptable risk to other horses or handlers
-    the terms of the agreement as detailed above have not been complied with.

In the event of deciding to send a mare to either Brackenspa Stud or Tower Farm, please sign and return a copy of these terms and conditions to Tower Equine.